Southern Polytechnic State University
Information Technology Department

Required textbooks:  Managing the Information Technology Resource, J. Luftman

Suggested reference material:  You will be given some links during the term

Major Topics:


1.      Introduction.

2.      Achieving Strategic Alignment.

3.      Assessing Strategic Alignment Maturity.


4.      The Role of the CIO.


5.      Strategic, Tactical & Operational IT Processes.

6.      IT Planning.

7.      Managing Emerging Technologies.


8.      Organizing IT.

9.      Human Resource (H/R) Considerations.

10.  Managing IT Change.


11.  IT Governance.


12.  IT-Business Communications.


13.  Measuring, Reporting, and Controlling.

14. The Value of IT.

Course outcomes: 

  1. Analyze the needs of a business in relation to what data is needed to support the functions of the company, diagram the basic business functions and entities of the company
  2. Understand the importance of an IT organization and where it fits strategically into a company.
  3. Understand and describe the role of the CIO, the basic IT processes and functions, IT strategic and operational planning
  4. Describe how to evaluate and choose new technologies using an RFP and how to manage change in IT
  5. Understand human resource considerations, how to organize IT and how to measure IT effectiveness

Academic conduct: 

Alternate test schedules will be arranged only when the absence from the test is cleared with me in advance and for a valid reason. Not following this policy will lead to a "0" on the test given.

All work submitted for credit is expected to be the work of the individual student. Group discussion is allowed for the understanding and studying of a project or assignment, but the actual preparation of the assignment should only be done by the individual student. If you have any questions about this policy, please let me know. Work which was not done only by the student will result in possible "0" grades, or disciplinary action. (See Student Handbook for such policies.)

For questions about your schedule or other advising questions, please call the Student Services office located in J393 or call 770+528-7406 or 770+528-4292 and ask for an appointment. You can also see your assigned advisor.

All current Southern Polytechnic State University policies will apply.

Assignments and labs:  go to the link listed above for the labs and assignments

Grading plan: 

The textbook, notes and class discussions will be the basis for all test taking and assignments. You will have 3 major tests, and 5 Group labs, 6 chats, 4 individual labs, and 1 paper for this course. There will be no additional final exam.

Your grading scale will be as follows: 90 and above A

80 - 89 - B

70 - 79 - C

3 tests: 45% of grade

5 Group Labs: 15% of grade (5% each, but you must do ALL projects to pass course)

6 chats: 20% of grade

4 Ind Labs: 15% of grade

Paper: 5% of grade


Class attendance policy:

Students are responsible for all announcements and assignments made in class. I do not take attendance, but notes from a missed lecture need to be gotten from another student.

Preparation of work for this course:   there is no additional work needed for this course

Students with disabilities: Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the counselor working with disabilities at (678) 915-7244 as soon as possible the better to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.