Southern Polytechnic State University
Information Technology Department

IT 6643 – Issues in Information Management
Course Syllabus

Required textbooks:  Morality and Machines, S. Edgar

Suggested reference material:  you will be getting several links throughout the term

Major Topics: 

Chapter 1. Ethical Decision Making

Chapter 2. Is Ethics Possible?

Chapter 3. The Search for a Basis for Ethics

Chapter 4. Software Piracy, Property, and Protection

Chapter 5. Computer Crime

Chapter 6. Computer Intruders, Viruses and All That

Chapter 7. Privacy

Chapter 8. Errors and Reliability

Chapter 9. The Computer World of Work

Chapter 10. Responsibility, Liability, and Professional Ethics

Chapter 11. Computers, the Government, and the Military

Chapter 12. The Artificial Intelligentsia and Virtual Worlds 

Course outcomes:  

1.  Understand the fundamentals of ethics, ethical principles and professional ethical behavior.

2.  Define and understand basic laws pertaining to the world of computing, including such things as contract law, copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, software piracy, and viruses.

3.  List and discuss the various methods of computer crime and their lawful ramifications, including security issues, and privacy issues.

4.  Discuss and debate the ramifications of responsibility, accountability, liability for work, home and the military.

5.  Understand and discuss the current computing issues (such as the web, e-commerce, wireless computing, security, etc.)

Academic conduct: 

Alternate test schedules will be arranged only when the absence from the test is cleared with me in advance and for a valid reason.  Not following this policy will lead to a "0" on the test given.

All work submitted for credit is expected to be the work of the individual student.  Group discussion is allowed for the understanding and studying of a project or assignment, but the actual preparation of the assignment should only be done by the individual student.  Work which was not done only by the student will result in possible "0" grades, or disciplinary action.  (See Student Handbook for such policies.)  Work that is designated group work does not fall under this requirement.

Assignments and labs: 

The textbook, notes and class discussion will be the basis for all test taking and assignments.  You will be doing some outside assignments for this course including chats and projects.  The tests will be done outside of class, and the presentation will be done in class.

You will have 3 major tests, 4 group projects, 4 internet labs, 1 term paper and 6 chats.  There will be no additional final exam.

Labs and other assignments can be found at the site listed above.

Grading plan: 

Your grading scale will be as follows:            90 and above - "A"

                                                                        80 - 89           - "B"

                                                                        70 - 79           - "C"

3 tests:                         45% of grade

4 group projects:         15% of grade

6 chats:                        20% of grade

4 individual labs:         15% of grade

1 term paper:               5% of grade

Class attendance policy: 

Students are responsible for all announcements and assignments when they are due.  I do not take attendance, but your “attendance” is required each week with the work that is due.

I will be checking to see about your participation each week on-line as part of our course.  You are required to log on each week – either with chats or a short internet lab.

Preparation of work for this course:  

This class doesn’t have any particular pre-requisite requirements.  You will need to keep motivated with doing your outside work.

Students with disabilities: Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the counselor working with disabilities at (678) 915-7244 as soon as possible the better to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.