Southern Polytechnic State University
Information Technology Department
IT 4723 IT Policy & Law
Course Syllabus

Required textbooks:  Essentials of Business and Online Commerce Law, Henry R. Cheeseman, Pearson/Prentice

ISBN:  0-13-144047-0

Suggested reference material:  Other business texts such as:

Contemporary Business and Online Commerce Law 5th ed., Henry R. Cheeseman

Law, Business, and Society 8th ed., Tony McAdams

Essentials of Business Law 6th ed., Anthony Liuzo & Joseph G. Bonnice

Major Topics:
1: Legal Heritage and Critical Legal Thinking
2: Constitutional Law for Business and Online Commerce
3: Traditional, Alternative, and E-Commerce Dispute Resolution
4: Torts and Privacy
5: Intellectual Property and Internet Law
6: Business and Cyber Crimes
7: Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business
8: Nature of Traditional and Online Contracts
9: Agreement and Consideration
10: Capacity and Legality
11: Reality of Consent and Writing
12: Third-Party Rights and Discharge
13: Remedies for Breach of Traditional and Online Contracts
14: Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts
15: Performance of Sales and Lease of Contracts
16: Remedies for Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts
17: E-Commerce, Domain Names, and Internet Law
18: Warranties and Product Liability
19: Creation and Transfer of Negotiable Instruments
20: Holder in Due Course and Liability
21: Checks and Digital Banking
22: Credit, Secured Transactions, and Surety Agreements
23: Bankruptcy and Reorganization
24: Agency
25: Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships
26: Formation and Operation of Domestic and Multinational Corporations
27: Corporate Directors, Officers, and Shareholders
28: Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
29: Limited Liability Companies
30: Franchises, Licensing, and Strategic Alliances
31: Investor Protection and Online Securities Transactions
32: Antitrust Law
33: Consumer and Environmental Protection
34: Labor and Employment Law
35: Equal Opportunity in Employment
36: Personal Property and Bailments
37: Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Relationships
38: Insurance, Wills and Estates
39: International and Comparative Law

Course outcomes:  

Students will be able to:

1.  Analyze, synthesize and develop policies, including responsibility, accountability and liability for an IT organization.

2.  Explain ethics and social responsibility of IT, and develop ethical standards and practices for IT.

3.  Discuss and understand the American Legal system, Contract Law, and Product Liability including warranties, audit practices, including financials, operations and security, and e-commerce law.

4.  Outline internet law, intellectual property law, privacy and cyber crimes.

Academic conduct: 

Alternate test schedules will be arranged only when the absence from the test is cleared with me in advance and for a valid reason.  Not following this policy will lead to a "0" on the test given.

All work submitted for credit is expected to be the work of the individual student.  Group discussion is allowed for the understanding and studying of a project or assignment, but the actual preparation of the assignment should only be done by the individual student.  Work which was not done only by the student will result in possible "0" grades, or disciplinary action.  (See Student Handbook for such policies.)  Work that is designated group work does not fall under this requirement.

Assignments and labs: 

The textbook, notes and class discussion will be the basis for all test taking and assignments.  You will be doing some outside assignments for this course including individual and group projects.  The tests will be done in class.

You will have 2 major tests, 2 individual labs, 4 chats and 4 group projects.  There will be no additional final exam.

Labs and other assignments can be found at the site listed above.

Grading plan: 

Your grading scale will be as follows:    90 and above - "A"

                                                                        80 - 89           - "B"

                                                                        70 - 79           - "C"

                                                                        60 - 69           - D

                                                                        59 and below - F


3 tests:              40% of grade

4 projects:        25% of grade

4 Ind labs:        20% of grade

5 chats: 15% of grade

Class attendance policy: 

Students are responsible for all announcements and assignments made in class.  I do not take attendance, but notes from a missed lecture need to be obtained from another student.

I will be checking to see about your participation each week on-line as part of our course.  You are required to log on each week either with labs, chats or group labs.

Preparation of work for this course:  

You will need to keep motivated in completing your outside work.