Southern Polytechnic State University
Information Technology Department
IT 4333 Network Configuration & Administration
Course Syllabus

Required Textbook
Alexander Clemm, Network Management Fundamentals, Cisco Press, 2007.
ISBN-13: 978-1-58720-137-0

Recommended Textbook
J. Richard Burke, Network Management: Concepts and Practice, A Hands-On Approach, Prentice Hall, 2003.
ISBN: 0-13-032950-9

Catalog Description

Prerequisite: IT 4323 Data Communications & Networks
This course continues the study of networks. Topics include design and implementation of networks including synchronization, scheduling, exception and deadlock resolution, client server and web based collaborative systems. Network security will also be covered. Cost estimates and speed are examined from a management perspective.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

1.      Describe the various communication architectures and protocols for networks.

2.      Demonstrate how to manage network systems , and apply the various management strategies to managing the network.

3.      List various configuration client-server and infrastructure components, and will describe network management capabilities.

4.      Demonstrate a knowledge of SNMP, SMI, MIB, RMON, RMON, WMI.


Topics covered in class

1.      Subnetting

2.      Install and Configure a Router

3.      Networking Components

4.      Install and Configure a Wireless Local Area Network and Measure Network Performance

5.      Reference Models

6.      OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition II

7.      IOS

8.      Configure IP Addresses in hosts and routers

9.      Management Organization

10.  Configure hosts and routers for a small Intranet

11.  Monitoring Network Devices using SNMP

12.  Service Level Management

13.  Configuring SNMP TRAP for a switch on a network

14.  Issues in Network Management

15.  Detecting SNMP enabled devices on a network

16.  Configure Windows XP for IPv6


All lab assignments will be posted on WebCT In most cases, lab exercises will be performed with a partner. However, students will be responsible for documenting lab exercise individually. Lab reports will be due throughout the semester as assigned in class. If for some reason you have not been able to submit lab report by deadline, then you have 24 hours to submit your work with a 20% penalty. No reports will be accepted after that.

WebCT Discussion

Discussion topics will be posted on the day of class. All discussions must be completed by early morning Tuesday. Do not wait till the last minute to start, you will cause difficulties to your classmates and also have 30% penalty for starting late.
Each person should give their opinion about assigned question (at least two paragraphs and references) and also critique the work of your classmates.

Discussion grading criteria:

         Preparation 30% - read material and post on time

         Information 30% - accurate information supported by external references

         Analysis 20% - highlights significant issues without overgeneralizing

         Interaction 20% - responses to peer's posts and where appropriate challenges other posts

         Penalty 30% for starting Saturday after 9pm

Grading Policy Your grade will be based upon:

Tests (3)


Labs Reports




Your grading scale will be as follows:

Score ≥ 90


Score ≥ 80 & Score < 90


Score ≥ 70 & Score < 80


Score ≥ 60 & Score < 70


Score < 60